Top 50 Social CRM Experts

Wednesday, May 19, 2010 by Jurgen Appelo

Top 50Now that our team is moving into the social CRM space, I thought it was interesting for us to figure out which people are the most important social CRM experts, so that we can follow what they're saying. After several weeks of monitoring the "social CRM" and #scrm keywords with Google Alerts and Twitter Search, this is the list that I came up with.

I have sorted the list according to people's combined number of connections on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook (a few days ago, numbers will have changed since then). This might be an indication of people's influence. But don't take it too seriously! I just thought sorting alphabetically was a bit boring.

Oh, and you can follow all 50 experts via this Twitter list.

(Note: each link opens a Sociotoco Set, which is our new way of collecting profiles across multiple social networks.)

... 1 ... Jeremiah Owyang /sets/Jeremiah-Owyang
2 John F. Moore /sets/John-F-Moore
3 Dion Hinchcliffe /sets/Dion-Hinchcliffe
4 Steven Moore /sets/Steven-Moore
5 Natalie Petouhoff /sets/Natalie-Petouhoff
6 Michael Fauscette /sets/Michael-Fauscette
7 R Ray Wang /sets/R-Ray-Wang
8 Axel Schultze /sets/Axel-Schultze
9 Gaurav Mishra /sets/Gaurav-Mishra
10 Michael Krigsman /sets/Michael-Krigsman
11 Jesus Hoyos /sets/Jesus-Hoyos
12 Jacob Morgan /sets/Jacob-Morgan
13 Brent Leary /sets/Brent-Leary
14 Kathy Herrmann /sets/Kathy-Herrmann
15 Josh Weinberger /sets/Josh-Weinberger
16 Christopher Carfi /sets/Christopher-Carfi
17 Harish Kotadia /sets/Harish-Kotadia
18 Prem Kumar Aparanji /sets/Prem-Kumar-Aparanji
19 Paul Greenberg /sets/Paul-Greenberg
20 Graham Hill /sets/Graham-Hill
21 Brian Vellmure /sets/Brian-Vellmure
22 Michael Boysen /sets/Mike-Boysen
23 Sameer Patel /sets/Sameer-Patel
24 Jill Dyché /sets/Jill-Dyche
25 Anthony Nemelka /sets/Anthony-Nemelka
26 Mitch Lieberman /sets/Mitch-Lieberman
27 Esteban Kolsky /sets/Esteban-Kolsky
28 Don Peppers /sets/Don-Peppers
29 Wim Rampen /sets/Wim-Rampen
30 Martin Schneider /sets/Martin-Schneider
31 Bob Thompson /sets/Bob-Thompson
32 Filiberto Selvas /sets/Filiberto-Selvas
33 Bob Warfield /sets/Bob-Warfield
34 Michael Winn /sets/Michael-Winn
35 Mark E. Behrens /sets/Mark-E-Behrens
36 William Band /sets/William-Band
37 Mark Tamis /sets/Mark-Tamis
38 Barry Dalton /sets/Barry-Dalton
39 Nitin Badjatia /sets/Nitin-Badjatia
40 Denis Pombriant /sets/Denis-Pombriant
41 Bill Odell /sets/Bill-Odell
42 David Myron /sets/David-Myron
43 John M. Perez /sets/John-M-Perez
44 Michael Thomas /sets/Michael-Thomas
45 Guido Oswald /sets/Guido-Oswald
46 Marshall Lager /sets/Marshall-Lager
47 John Burton /sets/John-Burton
48 Mark Walton-Hayfield /sets/Mark-Walton-Hayfield
49 Wouter Trumpie /sets/Wouter-Trumpie
50 Mark J. Reuter /sets/Mark-J-Reuter
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